About Us

Tom & Benita have been capturing special moments for Iowa couples with wedding photography and wedding videography for many years. They have a unique talent that cannot be taught, but can only be learned through years of experience working with couples just like you!

This is a special day for you, your fiancé and your families. Tom and Benita will help you capture all the elegance and fun that is your wedding day. Please make sure to check out all of our website and then Contact Us for more information and to check on availability of our services.

This is something they take personally as both of them will be involved in your wedding day and will be capturing the day for you.  It’s not like they are a large company that is scheduling out your wedding day to someone who works for them.  It is Tom and Benita that will be there throughout the whole process, starting potentially with your engagement session through your planning times with them.  And then working with them the week of your wedding and reception and going through pictures of how they captured your wedding day in photography or videography and putting together wedding albums to put on your coffee table for years to enjoy.

Mailing Address

Thomas Chaput, L.L.C.
625 North 6th Street
Carlisle IA 50047-7767


[email protected]